Sunday, November 9, 2014

Christmas in November #9--Button Wreaths

Button Wreaths

This is one of those projects that shouldn't even count as a project. The only problem is that I am not quite happy with the way it turned out. I reserve the right to update this project at a later date.

Materials Needed
Matching Buttons (I used white buttons of the same size)
Ribbon, Thread, Butcher's Twine or Embroidery Floss (any of them will work)
Needle (I used an embroidery needle)

Thread your needle with the material of your choice (I used ribbon and Twine above).

Thread your buttons using the same hole for each button. I used four hole buttons. Buttons with shanks will not work.

When the wreath is the desired size, tie a knot. Make a hanging loop and tie a knot or bow as desired.

I will try this again but will use something more solid as the threading material. I will try with wire and Mizuhiki. The problem is that the wreath loses its shape when it hangs. I want a rounder wreath and right now the weight of the buttons makes them sag into a tear drop shape. If you place the center on the wreath on the branch it will alleviate this problem.

I chose to use identical buttons but I am sure that this would look cool if you used different sized buttons.

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