Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Christmas in November #19--Candy Candle Holder

This is another easy and quick idea. Take your glass pieces and turn them into candle holders. Fill them with candies in the colors of the seasons--in this scheme: red, white and green.

Supplies Needed
Glass containers (I used a bell jar and a candy dish)
Pillar Candles to fit your container
Holiday colored candy (I used large gumballs and jelly beans)

Place the candle in the holder. Use some double stick tape if the bottom is uneven.

Place the candies around the candle until stabilized.

Cover the candle with candy until satisfied.

Bell Jar, Gumballs and
Cherry Pillar Candle
Once you use these candies, I would not plan on eating them. The candle wax and scent of the candles will probably transfer to the candies and make them inedible.

Normally, I would remove the plastic sheath around the candle before placing them into the containers. The plastic sheath shown here was for illustrative purposes only.

I don't know if I would actually light these candles. I don't know if the candy is flammable or not. I would do a supervised test to see if the candies or the sugar within them would turn them flammable. Keep this in mind when choosing your candies to use.

Candy Dish, Jelly Beans and
Pine Pillar Candle

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