Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Christmas in November #18--Napkin Ornament

This ornament is a little fussy but very easy. I like the way they look and I will probably do a series of these. I am going to try these using Holiday tissue paper and Mod Podge.

Materials Needed
Paper Mache Ornaments (I bought mine from Michaels)
Holiday themed paper naplins
Scissors (optional)
Glue Stick (or other adhesive)
Brush for gluing (if not using a glue stick) (optional)
Acrylic paint or Gesso (optional)
Brush for paint (optional)
Sealant (optional)

Depending on your napkin or the look you want, you can paint your craft ornament.
Craft Ornament
Separate your napkin layers. You only want to use the top layer of your napkin.
Decorative Napkins
To separate the layers, Spread open your napkin. Wet one corner (I just place the edge against my tongue). Slightly tear the wet edge to gain access to each of the layers. Separate the layers.

Cut/tear strips of the napkin. I cut strips a little wider than each facet of the ornament.

Apply glue to the ornament. The napkin is very fragile so it is best to apply glue to the ornament rather than the napkin. 

Apply the napkin to the glued area and flatten. I worked on each facet before working in an adjoining area. Because the tissue is so thin it is easy to overlay layers without problem.

Cover the entire ornament and let dry. Once dry you can spray a sealant if you like. I left mine unfinished. I might go back and put a coat of matte acrylic sealant. I like the matte finish of these unsealed ornaments.

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kat said...

I bought a bunch of these craft ornaments and have been trying to dip paint them. The results so far are so, so. Perhaps I should try this instead.