Saturday, November 1, 2014

Christmas in November #1--Button Ball Ornament

This is the first project of the Christmas in November series. The goal here is to inspire your decorating decisions for the holiday season. We are doing this in November so you will have time to incorporate some of these ideas into your decorating. Once the series is over, you will still have three weeks to use some of these ideas if you choose.

I have recently become obsessed with buttons and button projects. While I never have saved buttons before but I know a lot of women who do have collections of buttons. I have made plenty of button boxes for friends so I do know that people do collect buttons.

This is an easy ornament to make. You can add a hanging loop or you can use them as is and place them in a vase or glass container.

Materials Used
3 inch Styrofoam Ball
Assorted Buttons (I used about 100 buttons in all sizes; shank buttons do not work)
Color Ball Pins (I used one color, 1.75 inch pins; 1.25 inch pins would probably work)

This is a very simple project and one that can easily be done with children as long as they can be careful with the sharp pins. Simply use one pin per button and attached the button to the Styrofoam ball. Cover the ball with a single layer of buttons. Add an additional layer when the white Styrofoam shows through. I used the small buttons to cover these areas. This second layer was made possible because of the longer pins.

Make an embroidery floss loop and attach to the sides of the ball that is secured beneath the buttons. I will make several of these and keep them in an open candy dish.

Keep in mind that a smaller ball is easier to cover with buttons. You will add at least one inch in circumference to the base when you add the buttons.

You can decorate the ornament with assorted buttons (both in size and color) or similar sized buttons or similar colored buttons. I liked the rustic nature of the assorted sizes and colors.


kat said...

This is one I've wanted to do too!

Dr. Russ said...

You should. It's a very easy project and you probably already have most of the materials.