Monday, November 17, 2014

Christmas in November #17--Paper Scrap Ornament

This is an ornament that is a variation of the washi tape project that I shared here. I realized after the fact that everyone isn't as enamored with washi tape as I am (well, you SHOULD be). I decided to create an alternate ornament using paper scraps. This is a great way to use those smaller pieces of paper that you are hoarding (and you KNOW who you are). You can use this as an ornament or a gift tag.

Materials Needed
Scrapbook Paper scraps
Card Stock
Glue Stick (or any adhesive of your choice)
Ruler/Gridded Rule/Paper Cutter
Ornament Template (I used a Christmas Tree from Yahoo! Images)
Hole Punch (optional)
Ribbon/Twine (optional)

Trace your template image on card stock and cut.

Cut strips of paper wider than the widest part of your ornament base. The height of your strips can be anything you wish. They can be all one height or varying heights. I chose to use 1/4" and 1/2" heights in order to add variation.

Glue the strips to your ornament base in any way you choose. I chose all horizontal orientations. In future ornaments, I will do vertical strips, diagonal strips and then a combination of all three.

Once the ornament base is covered, trim off the excess with scissors or a scalpel/Exacto knife.

To han, punch a hole in the top portion of your covered ornament base and thread with ribbon or twine.
Image found here

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