Thursday, November 13, 2014

Christmas in November #13--Washi Tape Noel

This is a variation of a project found in the book, Washi Tape Christmas: Easy Holiday Craft Ideas with Washi Tape by Kami Bigler. I bought the book in a Kindle Version so I did not have immediate access to the templates (although they do provide you access to them via a website).

Instead, I simply cut out my own letters. I plan using this as part of a garland. They could easily be used for cupcake toppers. I also plan to do a hinged version to use as gift tags.

Materials Needed
Card Stock
Washi Tape
Scissors (optional)

Cut out the letters for the appropriate sentiment (Joy, Noel, Merry, etc).

Plan out your strips of washi tape.

Place strips of washi tape across the letters (you can do vertical, horizontal or diagonal stripes). Be sure to extend the tape before and after the letter you are covering.

Once fully covered, trim the excess tape from the letters.

I found that starting the first strip of tape below (or above) the letter helps to keep the letter flat. Also, it is easier to guarantee that you don't have a very narrow strip of tape to finish the letter.

Washi tape tears easily if you don't want small children to use scissors. It also easily cuts with safety scissors if you do have small children.

This is a very easy project and can be done with kids.

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