Friday, November 21, 2014

Christmas in November #21--Snowflake Cone

A couple of people mentioned that I wasn't creating anything for Hanukkah, at which point I commented on how the series was called "Christmas" in November. Next year, I will do a Hanukkah series. Anyway, I decided to do something that could be used for both celebrations: a Snowflake Cone or shortened--A Snow Cone.

Using the traditional colors of silver and blue, I decided to cover a Styrofoam cone with ribbon and then overlay it with punched snowflakes.

Materials Needed
Wire Edged Ribbon (I used a 1.5 inch silver satin ribbon)
Styrofoam Cone (I used a 2 7/8 inch by 5 7/8 inch cone)
Card Stock in the colors of your choice (I used five shades of blue vut in 1.5 inch strips)
Snowflake Punch (I used a 1 inch snowflake punch by Marvy)
Color Ball Pins (lots and lots of pins--I used multicolored ball pins)

Punch out your snowflakes. Punch bunches of snowflakes. For this cone, I used over 200 snowflakes.

Take your ribbon and wrap once around the bottom of the cone. Overlap the ends and trim the ribbon to size. Take one pin and snowflake and pin it in place.

First row of ribbon
As many of you already know, it is difficult to get ribbon to not pucker when formed around a rounded surface. To ensure that the ribbon lies down, pinch the top edge of the ribbon to tighten the edge against the cone. Since these areas will be covered with the snowflakes, it won't even show on your final result.

Just a little pinch
Once you have covered your entire cone with ribbon, fill in all of the areas with snowflakes

Finished product

I used a lot of snowflakes on my product (over 200). I didn't realize how many it would take. 

I haven't tried the pinching method without wire edged ribbon but the wire edged ribbon really lies flat when using this method.

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