Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas in November #30--Acrylic Painted, PearlEx and Glittered Ornaments

Side View
For this project, I decided to add Glitter to the process. I discussed using glitter in this post, Yesterday, I discussed using acrylic paint and PearlEx powders.

Today, I wanted to use the draining cup solution that I had left over from yesterday.

For this project, I used a plastic ornament. Pour the black Gesso/gold PearlEx from the draining cup from yesterday and rotate the ornament until the interior is covered. Once satisfied, place the ornament upside down on a Dixie Cup to drain. Once drained, add a second color of acrylic painted thinned with the Flow Release/water solution. Since I was pleased with the coverage, I dusted the interior with a different color of PearlEx (the pink PearlEx you see below).

While still tacky, add the glitter of your choice to the interior of the ornament (I used gold ultrafine glitter that I had left over from a previous project). This is a great way to use small amounts of leftover glitter. Cover the opening with a paper towel and shake the ornament, Repeat adding glitter until you get the coverage you like.
Top View
If want to start the process from scratch and don't have leftovers in your drainage cup here are the steps:

Prepare your ornament with the vinegar/water solution and let dry.

Prepare black Gesso with the Flow Release/water solution. Add an extra drop or two of the solution because you want this super runny. Coat the interior of the ornament.

Turn upside down and place on a Dixie Cup to drain.

Add the PearlEx of your choice and shake.

Add another layer of the extra thin black Gesso solution and rotate the ornament to cover the interior. Let this layer interact with the PearlEx powders. Turn upside down and place on a Dixie Cup to drain.

Add a second color of thinned acrylic paint or a second PearlEx color. Drain if necessary.

Add the glitter and let air dry. Replace lid.

I have a container of multi-colored glitter that I add small batches of unused glitter that are too small to complete an entire project. I can use this glitter for this project so just use the remnants of leftover glitter.

If you don't have a Gesso/PearlEx solution leftover, don't try and speed up the process by adding PearlEx to your Gesso directly because this mixture will get gloppy and less pourable.

This completes the 30 Days of Christmas in November. I hope that these projects have been helpful and enjoyable. Happy Holidays and Happy Decorating.

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