Saturday, November 8, 2014

Christmas in November #8--Punched Paper Ornament

Materials Needed
Styrofoam ball (I used a 3 inch ball)
Color Ball Pins (I used the leftovers from this project)
Flower Paper Punch (there are several on the market but I used Recollections 1" punch)
Card Stock or Decorative Paper (I used Christmas themed scrapbook paper)
Ribbon (Optional)

Punch out the flowers using decorative paper. I cut the paper in strips a little larger than the flower. I then turn the punch over and punch the paper from the die cut side of the punch so I can minimize waste.

If you are using a ribbon, pin the ribbon to the Styrofoam ball. Using these two points as reference start pinning the flowers to the ball. Overlap as desired.

I don't mind the white area of the ball showing through. Although, I might try covering this with ribbon and using a snowflake punch for a future project.

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