Thursday, November 27, 2014

Christmas in November #27--PearlEx Ornaments

Side View
The last four postings in this series will deal with the plethora of glass and plastic ornaments that I have accumulated over the years. Today's ornament will be the simplest of the final offerings. This is the PearlEx Ornament.

Materials Needed
Plastic or Glass Ornament (I used the glass ornament)
PearlEx powders
Drinking Straw (with the tip cut off on the diagonal)
Glitter-It or Golden Acrylic Flow Release
Vinegar/Water Solution (discussed here)
Dixie Cups (to use for drying and holding the ornament upright)

Prepare the ornament with the vinegar/water solution and set to dry in one of the Dixie Cups.

Use the adhesive product of your choice (either the Glitter-It product or the Golden Acrylic Flow Release)  and coat the interior of the ornament. Set upside down in the second Dixie Cup to allow the excess to drip out. Allow to dry upside down in this cup.

Use the drinking straw to take the PearlEx from the jar and place the PearlEx inside the ornament. Work in stages. Cover the top of the ornament and shake the ornament to distribute the PearlEx. Repeat as necessary to get the desired effect.

Once completed, replace the top on the ornament.

Top View

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