Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas in November #25--Snowball Ornaments

View from the side
This project started off as an experiment with a new product. In a previous post, I evaluated the product Glittered-It. It was recommended that fine or ultra-fine glitter be used for best coverage. Since I had so many difference varieties of glitter, I wanted to see if the product would work with the chunky glitters. In this case, I wanted to see if it would work with the translucent disco glitter which is a snowflake, large cut glitter.

I am calling these Snowball Ornaments.

New Materials Needed
Glitter It product
Snowflake Glitter (I used Random Disco Glitter Flakes by Chenille Kraft)
Ultrafine Glitter (optional--I used WOW Silver Glitter)
Golden Light Modeling Paste
Plastic offset palette knife
materials from the Glitter It previous post.

Prepare the ornament as previously discussed. Rather than use the original ultrafine glitter, use the glitter flakes instead. Allow to air dry.

Return the ornament top to the glittered ornament. Apply the modeling paste with the palette knife, Apply the paste as if you were putting meringue on a pie, with peaks and valleys. Use as little or as much as you prefer.

Once satisfied with the look, apply the top coat of ultrafine glitter (optional, depending on the look you are seeking). In my ornament, I used both the glitter flakes and silver ultra fine glitter.

Allow to air dry (do not heat set since it might melt the paste or the glitter).

View from above
As a reference, I decided to apply the same technique to the glittered glass ornament from the previous post. Here are the results using the modeling paste and the original glitter.

View from the side
View from above
I am very pleased with the way these turned out. The Glitter It product worked well with the glitter flakes although coverage is not as strong as with the ultra fine glitter, although I enjoy the translucent look of the ornament.

In the future, I might color the modeling paste by mixing liquid watercolors to a small batch of modeling paste.

Be sure to use small portions of the modeling paste at one time. I have a large jar that I remove into a small work area. The paste dries out very quickly so work fast. If you leave the larger jar open to the air, it can dry out and ruin your product. If you need to work in a large batch (especially if you color the paste), put the working product in an airtight container. If you need to work with the colored product out in the open, take a slight dampened paper towel and cover your working product if you have to step away (similar to covering puff pastry with a dampened tea towel while working with it).

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