Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas in November #28--Acrylic Painted Ornaments

Poured Acrylic--Side View
I have never had very much success with acrylic decorated ornaments so I decided to try them again this year. The most important aspect of this project is patience.

Materials Needed
Plastic or Glass Ornament (I used a glass ornament)
Liquid Acrylic Paint (I used Golden Liquid Acrylics)
Acrylic Flow Release (I used Golden brand)
Vinegar/Water Solution
Dixie Cups (for drying and mixing)

Take off the spring loaded top and clean with the vinegar/water solution. Let dry.

Either rinse the interior of the ornament with Flow Release and let drain OR follow the instructions and mix the flow release, water and acrylic paint in a Dixie Cup. I mixed the Flow Release with water in a separate Dixie Cup (10 parts water to 1 part Flow Release). In a separate cup, I poured some of the acrylic paint in a Dixie Cup and added the flow/water mixture to get a spreadable paint.

Mix as many colors in this manner that you want to use (I used two colors--orange and red).

Pour the spreadable paint mixture into the open ornament. Rotate the ornament until it covers the area that you want. Repeat with the second color. Rotate the ornament until the entire interior is coated and the colors have mixed.

Turn upside down and let the excess paint to drip out.

Leave turned upside down to air dry (at a minimum, overnight but maybe two days).

Poured Acrylic--Top View
For an alternative, repeat the above steps. After pouring the first color, rather than rotating the ornament, blow into the ornament with a straw to spread the paint. Let the paint get tacky and repeat with the same color to get a different spatter pattern. Repeat this with a second color. Be sure to leave some open spaces without color. Let dry.

After the color(s) have dried, take Gesso (I used white) and coat the inside of the ornament and rotate the ornament until all areas are covered. Turn upside down for the excess to drain out and let air dry.

Blown Acrylic--Side View

Blown Acrylic--Top View

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