Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Iron Craft 2016 Challenge #19--Leopard Print Coloring Book

For Challenge #19 we were asked to prepare something based on current fashion trends. I had some leftover coloring book blanks that I needed to work on so I decided to do the covers in velvet and leopard print papers.

One of the difficulties with accordion books is that it is difficult to know from which side to open the book. To alleviate this problem, I decided to give the covers a standard quarter binding appearance so that it would resemble a regular book. The title of the binding refers to the dimensions of the covering material. The spine material (in this case, the velvet paper) covers one quarter of the surface. The decorative paper (the leopard print paper) then covers the remaining three quarters of the surface. I chose the velvet paper for the spine material because it has a nice feel against the hand.

To finish the book, I simply mounted the pages to the inside front and back covers. The fly sheet/end sheet is left blank so you can write something special for the recipient.

Overall, I like the book and especially like the matte surface of the velvet paper against the slight sheen of the decorative paper.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Iron Craft 2016 Challenge #18--Leftover Stained Glass

Challenge #18 was a UFO challenge--Unfinished Object Challenge. I had so many options but I decided to do something with the leftover paper stained glass pieces that I had from challenge #17.

To be able to assemble a stained glass project, there needs to be seven identical cutouts made of the same design. One design is done in black (to resemble the lead lines) and one design for each of the colors used. So in essence, if I am careful, I can obtain six pieces from each set of patterns (if I cut out an additional black design). In other words, if I cut out six individual black pieces, and one pattern for each of the six colors, I will have six total pieces by alternating the color patterns for each individual piece.

By using each of the pieces, I have the unused colored outlines. The color palette chosen for these pieces are usually two color groups divided into a light, medium and dark shade of the same color. So, I decided to mount three of the color outlines using the purple family.

Here I mounted the dark color on bottom, the light shade in the middle and the medium shade on top. I staggered them so it gives the design a shadow effect. I then mounted them on white paper.

I made a paper mat with black paper. The frame is 18 by 18 which is the outer dimension of the paper mat. I usually make paper mats at home to decide how I want to mat a project. Once I have decided, I then take it to a framer to cut the real mats if I am selling or giving the piece away. If I keep it for myself, I will usually just keep the paper mat.

All that is left is to put it in a frame.

I always find it hard to take a picture of a framed item.