Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Iron Craft 2016 Challenge #21--Paper Cut Sugar Skulls

Challenge 21 was designed to bring out our best Halloween. I had so many ideas and I finally just had to commit to a project and then just do it. I have been tossing this idea out for a while but just didn't find the right images. I visited my friends over at shutterstock for some inspiration. I found these images from the artist Dmitry (amid999) and decided to commit them to paper. I still don't know how I will use these cutouts but I have several ideas now that I know they can be done.

The first image is my favorite because it can be used as is. In other words, there are no hanging/unattached pieces. Each of these pieces is about 11 inches tall and 8.5 inches wide. I always try to cut new pieces in larger sizes so I can get a feel for the image. Afterwards, I try and miniaturize the image to see how small I can get it before it starts losing details.

I like this image but it has two floating areas. The black eye sockets have to be glued down because they are not connected to anything else. Also the center dot of the daisy in the forehead is a floater as well. In future editions, I will probably just not use the dot on the daisy and will connect the eye sockets with a horizontal connector to the flames. Also, you will notice the error that I made in the daisy. I forgot to cut out the left most petal. The daisy is supposed to be symmetrical.

This is my second most favorite image. I think that I like the fatter border on the skulls. This has a limited number of floaters. Just the dots in the forehead cross have to be glued down. I probably could not use them but it does look empty without them.

I  like this image too mainly because it uses one of the most common themes of sugar skulls--the use of hearts. The only floaters on this one are the eye sockets and I could easily use a vertical connect to connect them to the sun cutout.

I think that I will redesign these and cut them out to show you what I meant about the connectors. I would like to try and miniaturize these and try and turn them into cupcake toppers.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Iron Craft 2016 Challenge #20--Cross Stitch Fail

This was what it was supposed
to look like.
For this Challenge, we were tasked with attempting a craft that was new for us. I have always wanted to try my hand at cross stitch. For me, this should have been a match made in heaven for someone with OCD. Counting stitches, duplicating bottom left to top right under bottom right to top left. The repetition should have been comforting and relaxing--but it wasn't.

For some reason, I just couldn't get my head wrapped around it. Maybe I should have started with a larger hole Aida cloth but I used the cloth that was in the package. The biggest frustration was separating the strands of thread. I only needed three strands and it took me forever to separate the strands of thread. What I should have done was take a length of 6 strand thread, cut it, and then separate it. Instead, I tried to separate an entire bobbin of thread which was a complete disaster.

I finally got the hang of one color but when it came time to add the second of five colors, I got totally discombobulated. Somehow, two colors of thread sharing the same holes sent my OCD mind reeling. What I really should have done was to stick to a single color.

This is my unmitigated disaster

I might try this project again but start with a plastic canvas or an 6 or 8 count cloth. I haven't totally given up yet.