Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Iron Craft 2015 Challenge #8--Mallory the Mallard

For this Challenge, we were asked to make something for the home. I decided to do a two-for-one for this challenge. My bathroom has a small window and ledge that I wanted to change out. There used to me a solid wood cabinet that would block the sun that would would shine through the frosted glass window. I purchased some wire shelves from the Container Store and placed them on the ledge. I also went to the dollar store to buy some containers to line the shelves.

The second feature of this challenge was Mallory the Mallard. She was a wooden fake decoy that someone had given to me previously as a gag gift at Christmas. She was a little worn out so I decided to re-paint her. I covered her with acrylic paint and freshened her up using Sharpie Paint Pens.

As you can see, I got a little sloppy with the white paint pen (or the pens leak--you choose) but I am very happy with the way she turned out. I still might go back and distress her a little bit but she is content guarding my bathroom supplies.
Mallory the Mallard (side view)

Mallory the Mallard (top view)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Iron Craft 2015 Challenge #7--D is for Decoupage (Eggs)

Decoupage Eggs (Washi Eggs)
I really struggled for this challenge in that I couldn't decide what I wanted to do. I thought about dinosaurs. I thought about dragons. I thought about doing another cut out but this season of Iron Craft, I wanted to start doing other projects without falling back to cut outs.

I was walking through the local craft store and I saw some decoupage sheets and Mod Podge so I decided to do something with decoupage. Since it was Easter, I decided to revisit these washi eggs. I have chronicled my attempts at washi eggs here, and here, and here.

I finally listened to my own advice and only used Japanese Washi Paper. Rather than use Mod Podge, I decided to use traditional bookbinder's paste. This paste dries clear and does not leave a gloss coat to the paper.

The first egg was a real duck egg that was blown out. Duck eggs are slight larger than chicken eggs. They are little more pointed at the top than goose eggs.
Real Duck Egg
The second egg was a real goose egg that was blown out. Goose eggs are a 1.5 times larger than duck eggs and almost 2 times larger than chicken eggs.

Real Goose Egg
The third egg was a paper mache egg that I had left over from a previous project. They claim that it is a goose egg but in reality it is between the size of a goose and ostrich egg.

Paper Mache Egg

I am getting closer to standardizing the process so I will be able to adapt to the size of the egg. I am getting fewer wrinkles and less bulk at the ends of each egg. Maybe by next Easter, I will have conquered the process.