Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Iron Craft Week Seven

This week's challenge was called "Midas Touch." I thought about doing something with gold leaf as was suggested. I also considered doing something with gold spray paint or embossing powders, etc. I woke up one morning with this idea--a paper cut of a silhouette fingerprint that was then backed with gold paper.

I tried to fingerprint myself and after thirty minutes and a dried out ink pad, I finally came up with several prints to choose from. For some reason, I was attracted to this thumb print. After spending way too many hours cut, I decided to mount it on a piece of gold textured card stock.

I am rather happy to say that I am very pleased with the outcome.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Mystery Cards

Sorry for the lack of posts recently but Valentine's Day crept up on me and I was unprepared. I made several one of a kind cards that I will be sharing with you soon (of course, I can't post them here until after the big day as not to ruin the surprise for the lucky recipients).

I do want to share with you a project that I have been working on which has really been taking up my time. After reading the blog of one of my favorite art bloggers (Dude Craft), I came across this entry and wanted to do an anonymous, feel good project for Valentine's Day. I came up with mini-valentine's cards that people could leave for those they love. They are small mini-envelope sized cards that are empty on the inside so that an inscription can be left for any occasion. I used to leave them for other people and I called them "just because" cards.

For this project, I bundled up five different cards with envelopes in white tissue paper with the explanation sticker showing and left them throughout NYC. I left them at my theater, at grocery stores, at the library, and at several bookstores--all anonymously. There are over 120 Love Note packages (that's 600 individual cards) floating around for people to find and use.

I just want people to share the love--whenever--not just for Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Iron Craft Week 5

This week on Iron Craft, we were tasked with designing and making a Valentine's card. I was happy to say that this was an easy challenge for me especially since I make cards every day. I decided to return to my roots and paint some new backgrounds and make some quote cards.

To make the backgrounds, I take a single sheet of watercolor paper and paint, stipple, scrape, paste, cover, manipulate and layer it. Then, I cut the paper into individual pieces that I use to make the card. Each card is an original card since it can't be re-created because the single sheet of watercolor paper can never be duplicated. The background for the top card above was made with a watercolor wash, mulberry paper and gel medium. The bottom card was made with a watercolor wash, alcohol ink splashes, mulberry paper, and gel medium.
The top card above was made with a watercolor wash, re-inker splashes, and salt placed on the wet watercolor. Gel Medium was not used so that a matte finish could result.
The image on the bottom card was made with permanent ink and a rubber stamp. I then used colored pencils and Gamsol to tint the image. The image just makes me smile. I will be making these cards to give away for the Meals on Wheels card program.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Broadway Boxes #3

As mentioned yesterday, this past weekend was full of making Broadway boxes. For the week of February 1 through February 6, Melissa Etheridge will be performing in the musical American Idiot. She will be making her Broadway debut with this show. To commemorate her performance, there will be a special Playbill/program that will feature her picture--for this week only. To congratulate her on this accomplishment, I was asked to make a presentation box to hold her commemorative Playbill.

The case of the box is covered in a red Japanese iridescent book cloth. When tilted, there is a purple sheen to the fabric. On the cover of the box, I have debossed the same heart grenade and the title of the show--American (running vertically) and Idiot (running horizontally). The tray is covered in a French Marbled paper in colors of red, black and gold.

The interior of the box is covered in black Prestige paper. The tray on the right is filled with a platform so that there is height to the Playbill. The platform is covered in black Prestige paper as well. The structure of the box is a classic drop-spine box.