Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Broadway Boxes #3

As mentioned yesterday, this past weekend was full of making Broadway boxes. For the week of February 1 through February 6, Melissa Etheridge will be performing in the musical American Idiot. She will be making her Broadway debut with this show. To commemorate her performance, there will be a special Playbill/program that will feature her picture--for this week only. To congratulate her on this accomplishment, I was asked to make a presentation box to hold her commemorative Playbill.

The case of the box is covered in a red Japanese iridescent book cloth. When tilted, there is a purple sheen to the fabric. On the cover of the box, I have debossed the same heart grenade and the title of the show--American (running vertically) and Idiot (running horizontally). The tray is covered in a French Marbled paper in colors of red, black and gold.

The interior of the box is covered in black Prestige paper. The tray on the right is filled with a platform so that there is height to the Playbill. The platform is covered in black Prestige paper as well. The structure of the box is a classic drop-spine box.

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