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Envelope #302

October 29, 2014

Arrrrrrggggggg. Shiver me timbers.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Envelope #301

October 28, 2014

Project #43--Disney Projects (One for the Boys)

This is a continuation of my Disney series. I finally got the name right on this one because it was included in the cutout. Also, this is one for the boys.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Envelope #300

October 27, 2014

300! WOW. I never thought that I would have made it this far. It seems to be all downhill from here. Only 65 more envelopes.

This week is dedicated to Halloween.

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Envelope #294

October 21, 2014

Iron Craft 2014 Challenge #21--Halloween X-Ray (Project 42)

For this challenge, we were asked to create something for Halloween. Last year, I did a 30 Days of Halloween series so I wanted to make sure that I didn't duplicate something that I had previously done. I decided to do a cutout but I wanted to add some dimension to it.

I was working on my Envelope a Day series and was finishing up my Alphabet series and came across the letter X. I decided to create an x-ray envelope. I then decided to create a larger version for the Iron Craft Challenge.

Supplies Needed:
Black Card Stock
cutting utensil
Rib Cage Graphic
Acrylic Box Frame (I used a 11 x 14 x 1.5 inch frame)
Vellum Paper (either clear or colored)
Cellophane Tape
Small battery operated tea lights
Painter's Tape

1.  Cut out the graphic using black card stock. There are a lot of images out there to use. I think that this would look great done with a skull as well.

2.  Cut out a frame for the image so you can mount the image to the frame. The frame should be the exact side of the frame. (In the image below, you can see my guidelines (in pencil) for cutting the frame.

3.  Mount the image to the back side of the frame with cellophane tape.

4.  Mount the Vellum paper to the back of the cut out. Be sure to cover all of the open spaces in the cutout.

5.  Place the framed image face down into the top of the box frame.

Back view of the image and frame

6.  Cut out a section of the cardboard backing used for the hanging of the box frame. Some box frames have a single sided cardboard hanging piece and some have a double sided hanging piece. My had double sided cardboard. Cut out a rectangle so the light will shine through the back of the cutout. Be sure to cut the side that does not have the mounting holes or you won't  be able to hang your picture if you want to. 

7.  Using painter's tape, turn on the tea lights and mount one to the inside top lip and bottom lip of the cardboard hanging piece. You want to use a low tack tape so you can repeatedly turn on/off the tea lights when not in use or when you want to replace the lights. Since the cardboard backing is very thin, a stronger tape will tear the cardboard.

The cardboard cut out and
mounted tea lights.

8.  Place the cardboard with the tea lights facing down into the box frame and then mount on the wall.

The only difficulty is making sure that your tea lights are not larger then the depth of your box frame. I had small tea lights that were able to fit. I had two other versions of tea lights that were too wide to fit.

If you don't want to light up your x-ray, you can mount the cut out to a contrasting color of card stock. I was think about mounting this cut out to an acid green colored card stock.

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Envelope #291

October 18, 2014

Yankee pinstripes. 

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Envelope #288

October 15, 2014

This is another of those envelopes that I really like but not for the reasons you might think. I had done the outline of the volleyball in black. Rather than create a tartan pattern around the volleyball, I decided to doodle within the outline. I doodled in a dark green in one direction. I didn't like the look so I doodled purple lines in a competing direction. While better, I still didn't the look. I then took the orange and created an outline of the actual ball shape and filled in all of the negative space within the volleyball. 

I am very much pleased with the result. The moral of the story--keep working at it until you end up with a result you like.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Envelope #287

October 14, 2014

Project #41--Disney Projects (Jasmine--not quite)

This is the continuation of my Disney Series mentioned here. When I posted this on my Facebook page, I mistakenly attributed this as Jasmine (only to find out it was Ariel). An animated Disney intervention ensued.

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Envelope #286

October 13, 2014

This is the last in the alphabet series. Of all of the themes that I have used, this has been my favorite so far. I will probably miss these.

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Envelope #283

October 10, 2014

If you can have a red moon then why can't you have a blue sun?

BTW, yesterday was my 1000th post. On to 2000.

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Envelope #280

October 7, 2014

Iron Craft 2014 Challenge #20--Felt Mitten (Project 40)

This challenge was based on motivation--motivation from other Iron Craft contributors. My project was based on the monthly mittens that one of our hosts (Kat) is making. While she knits hers, I decided to make mine out of felt.

I decided to make a miniature rustic/chic ornament out of my mittens. I cut two pieces of craft felt (not the thick wool felt). I ran a running stitch with a white 6-strand embroidery floss and kept a small opening in the heel of the mitten. I sewed the mittens with wrong-sides together.

I stuffed the mitten with fiberfil and sewed up the bottom opening. After the mittens were stuffed, I decorated with Swarovski Hot Fix Crystals in three colors.

Once the crystals were set, I ran a loop of floss to form a hanging loop.

While not as fancy as Kat's mittens, I am very happy with the way that this turned out.

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Envelope #277

October 4, 2014

This is the first of several postings that I will be doing while on vacation. Therefore, some of the photos and formatting will be a little wonky until I get back when I will re-do them

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Project #39--Disney Projects (Cinderella, Not Really)

For this week's project, I decided to do the cutouts from a book that I mentioned in an earlier post. Originally, I had reservations about showing the projects but I have reduced the size to such a degree that it would very difficult to copy the image to use for any other purpose.

The funny story behind this project was that it was dedicated to my friends who were leaving the Broadway show Cinderella. I posted it to my Face Book page only to find out that it was Sleepy Beauty rather than Cinderella.

Oh well, hopefully it was the thought that counted. Regardless, on a better background, I think this would be a lovely addition to any young girl's room.

Envelope #274

October 1, 2014

It's October already. Three more months of envelopes. I really didn't think that I would have made it this far but I am pleasantly surprised that I have. Only 91 days left in this challenge.