Friday, December 6, 2013

On My Bookshelf

Today's selection is a new book to my library. I couldn't continue my discussion of my crafting haul from Japan without a Japan Craft Book to add to the mix. I have collected Japanese craft books ever since I lived there while in the military. I started collecting origami books because you really didn't need to understand the text because the diagrams were enough (Japanese folders where the first to develop the diagram system that is now accepted worldwide as the standard). I then started to collect books on Japanese Mizuhiki (Japanese Paper Cords) and finally I started collecting books on Japanese gift wrapping.

As I was in the airport in Sapporo for my return trip home, I realized that I hadn't had a chance to visit any of the bookstores while in Tokyo. I happened upon an airport bookstore and asked for origami books. Within the selection of books the attendant brought me was this book (roughly translated as Wonderful Disney Cutouts) by March Sakura (I am sure that is a nom de plume).

The book contains 41 cutout projects based on Disney characters. The author provides templates for artwork, ornaments, greeting cards and candle screens. Most of the designs are self explanatory and the cover shows two framed examples of the type of projects available (note: since most of the templates are full sized models, I chose not to share any of the patterns to protect them from being used/distributed online without purchasing the book).

I might have to start collecting a new type of Japanese craft book.

(Disclaimer--I do not speak or read Japanese. I had one of my coworkers translate the title and profile for me).

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