Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Iron Craft Challenge #25--A Look Back (Kat Inspired Paper Christmas Trees)

The next-to-last challenge of this year is devoted to "looking back" at past projects as inspiration. I decided to dedicate this challenge to our director and leader--Kat. I was so inspired by her last project (Paper Snowflake Trees) that I wanted to make some paper trees on my own.

I came up with my own version by doing a cut-lace snowflake as the basis of the branches. I did a red version (above) and wasn't quite as pleased as I would have liked. The four layers are attached to a skewer and is mounted on a wooden oblong bead.

In the red version, I cut out the lace snowflake, divided it into half, and then mounted them to the skewer by gluing the overlap onto itself. The difficulty with this particular version is that the branches are asymmetrical and therefore the tree looks lopsided.

For the second version, rather than cut the snowflake in half--I only cut out one section of the snowflake so that the branches would be symmetrical around the skewer. The overlap was glued onto itself and then the skewer was pierced through the center of the rounded snowflake.

Glittered branches
Top most branch (most glitter)
To add interest, I applied snow glitter before gluing the pieces together. The snow glitter was applied in different thicknesses. In other words, the topmost layer got the most "snow" and the lowest layer got the least.

Aerial View
Side View

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Just Crafty Enough said...

Wow, I knew you could turn these into something spectacular! I love how lacy they look & the glitter too. Next year I'm going to try your version.