Thursday, December 19, 2013

Snow Globe Fail

I have a client that wants me to make handmade snow globes to use as dinner place card holders/hostess gifts. The idea is to use a baby food jar as the base and to use NYC ornaments and glitter for the snow globe components. Before I work on the finished product, I always make prototypes to work on the process. I will now share with you my failures.

Not all glitter is the same. Here I used fine glitter which tended to clump together.

Use the hot setting on the hot glue gun if you are in a hurry. Use industrial strength epoxy or E6000 if you have some extra time--these two adhesives take 24 to 48 hours to set.

To mimic the flow of snow, place some glycerin in the water. Too little glycerin and the glitter will drop quickly to the bottom of the jar. Add too much, and the glitter will stick to the lid.

Thick glitter/holographic glitter works best. Here I used snow glitter which is a thicker glitter and seems to float nicely.

If your lid leaks a little bit, run double sided tape along the lid grooves or run a bead of hot glue around the same place before twisting the lid on.

Mason jars/Canning jars with locking lids and gaskets work the best. When you use these type of jars, you can fill the jar almost to the top of the jar (allowing for displacement of water due to the figurines you glue to the lid). The more water you have the smaller the air bubble you will have at the top of snow globe.

If you are using a commercial jar and need to cover the writing on the lid, use an enamel type paint.

I will be sharing the completed projects for you next week.

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