Thursday, December 26, 2013

Envelope Wrapping--Another Variation

Last year, I discussed how to use the envelope wrap (here and here). The envelope wrap is used to cover something that has very little depth. In this case, I needed to cover a calendar. BTW, the calendar shown in the instructions below are for demonstration purposes only.

Steps One through Four are identical to those explain earlier. The only caveat is that the object must be centered between the top and bottom edge.

Step One: Center the object on the paper
Step Two: Use transparent tape to secure
the hidden edge
Step Three: Use double sided tape
to the underside of the shown edge
Step Four: Bring the shown edge up and
over the object to secure the hidden seam.
Step Five is where the variation begins:

Step Five: Rather than fold both sides to the center, fold only one side using the bottom of the object as your guide. Be sure to allow some small clearance so the paper can fold upon itself.
Folding right side flap
Step Six: Fold the bottom edge up a small portion to give a clean edge. If you do not do this, your paper will splay open showing the underside of the paper.

Create a clear edge
Step Seven: Use double sided tape to the underside of the clean edge and secure. Note: Depending on the thickness of the paper you use, you might to to secure the side flap in Step Five as well.

One side finished
Step Eight: Rotate the object 180 degrees and repeat. The object is to have the flaps appearing from opposite sides of the package.

Bot sides completed
Normally, you would flip the package over so the folds would not be seen. In this case, the folds are a design element and will appear on the top side of the package.

Step Nine: Take a coordinating piece of paper and cut it so that it will wrap around the package like a belly band. The height of the band is pretty negotiable. Use what you find aesthetically pleasing or the materials you have available. Be sure to secure the band to the "clean" side of the package rather than the side with the folded edges.
Smooth side with the belly band secured
 Step Nine: You can stop here or you can continue to embellish.

You can stop here or continue
You can add a ribbon to the belly band and be done OR

you can use the flaps you have created to secure objects like those below
Eucalyptus and curly willow added
 Or even more objects
Beaded garland added

Another variation with ribbon was presented here.

I will share at least one more variation with you in the New Year. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas (for those that observe) and look forward to the New Year. Best wishes--DrRuss

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