Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas--More Present Wrapping

Merry Christmas everyone. As a celebration of the season, I wanted to share with you some of the gifts that I wrapped this year.

The first is another hand made box that was designed to hold artisinal soaps that were already wrapped and beribboned. Rather than unwrap someone else's beautiful work, I designed a box to hold everything. One of the themes that I always include is a non-traditional color design. For this box, I wanted to use a different version of green--in this case, chartreuse. I also try and include ornaments that the recipients can use on their own trees.
Top View
Side View
Another theme that I try and use is a traditional, mid-century theme--in this case, a reproduction 1950s peppermint paper with coordinating ribbon.

Peppermint wrapped present
Every year, I try and use an new technique. This year, I tried to learn how to do pleated wrapping. The hardest version is the diagonal pleat. In the future, I will use a non-patterned paper for this technique. I do like the pattern-on-pattern look of this package.

Diagonal Pleats
This is another new technique--wrapping of a calendar. I always try and use at least one nature inspired wrapping. Here the back of the package becomes the top view. On this package, there are two belly bands and two ribbons (which are really used to hold the branches).

Nature inspired wrapping
I will share the procedures on how to accomplish this wrapping later this week.

Thank you for reading and following along. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas (for those who celebrate).

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