Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ornament Fail

Failure #1 (without flash)
One of my resolutions for 2013 was sharing more of my failures with my readers. I usually don't like to show you projects that didn't work but rather than see them as failures, I have started to look at them as processes for future successes.

I was following one of my favorite blogs and one of the contributors was having difficulty with using glitter glue to coat the inside of a glass ornament. I affectionately called the glitter glue--Poop Glitter. When you use this type of glitter it looks like poop piles and it really doesn't spread well enough to coat the interior of an ornament.

I was planning on using glass ornaments this week so I thought that I would help out. One of the options was to use acrylic ornaments but my local stores didn't have any more acrylic ornaments so I was resigned to using these plastic present ornaments.

The first experiment was to use the poop glitter that was thinned out with ModPodge. Well--this obviously did not work as evidenced above and below.

Failure #1 (with flash)
The second experiment was using fine glitter. I covered the inside of the ornament with thinned ModPodge. I let it dry until it was slightly tacky. I then poured fine art glitter inside the ornament and shook it around until it covered the ornament. While this was somewhat successful, there is still a little of the ModPodge showing. I might coat the inside with acrylic paint to deepen the color.
Failure #2 (without flash)
Failure #2 (with flash)

The third experiment was the process as #2 but instead of glitter, I used two colors of PearlEx powders. This was the most successful of the bunch but the ModPodge still shows through a little bit. Once again, I might add thinned out acrylic paint to deepen the color.

Failure #3 (without flash)
Failure #3 (with flash)
I have a couple more experiments before I finalize the process with my miniature glass ornaments.

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