Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Iron Craft 2014 Challenge #20--Felt Mitten (Project 40)

This challenge was based on motivation--motivation from other Iron Craft contributors. My project was based on the monthly mittens that one of our hosts (Kat) is making. While she knits hers, I decided to make mine out of felt.

I decided to make a miniature rustic/chic ornament out of my mittens. I cut two pieces of craft felt (not the thick wool felt). I ran a running stitch with a white 6-strand embroidery floss and kept a small opening in the heel of the mitten. I sewed the mittens with wrong-sides together.

I stuffed the mitten with fiberfil and sewed up the bottom opening. After the mittens were stuffed, I decorated with Swarovski Hot Fix Crystals in three colors.

Once the crystals were set, I ran a loop of floss to form a hanging loop.

While not as fancy as Kat's mittens, I am very happy with the way that this turned out.

1 comment:

kat said...

I think it is very sweet and I'm quite flattered to be your inspiration. Those would be darling on a tree or decorating a gift.