Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Iron Craft 2015 Challenge #8--Mallory the Mallard

For this Challenge, we were asked to make something for the home. I decided to do a two-for-one for this challenge. My bathroom has a small window and ledge that I wanted to change out. There used to me a solid wood cabinet that would block the sun that would would shine through the frosted glass window. I purchased some wire shelves from the Container Store and placed them on the ledge. I also went to the dollar store to buy some containers to line the shelves.

The second feature of this challenge was Mallory the Mallard. She was a wooden fake decoy that someone had given to me previously as a gag gift at Christmas. She was a little worn out so I decided to re-paint her. I covered her with acrylic paint and freshened her up using Sharpie Paint Pens.

As you can see, I got a little sloppy with the white paint pen (or the pens leak--you choose) but I am very happy with the way she turned out. I still might go back and distress her a little bit but she is content guarding my bathroom supplies.
Mallory the Mallard (side view)

Mallory the Mallard (top view)

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kat said...

Wow, she looks amazing! Such detailed work. I also think the bathroom shelf idea was a good use of space.