Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Iron Craft 2015 Challenge #9--Dragon Eggs

For this challenge we were asked to do something "faux." I took the challenge on a different direction. Rather than create something that looked like something else (faux painting, faux metalwork, etc). I decided to go with something that is truly fake--in other words, something that doesn't exist (well at least MAYBE doesn't exist).

I decided to make dragon eggs (a la Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs).

I took some leftover goose eggs that I have been hoarding for Easter Eggs and covered them with decoupage paper (which is a very thin glassine type paper). I used techniques similar to washi eggs but instead, I simply cut the fringe as it was attached to the egg. I will provide a tutorial when time allows. I went with wild prints to add to the fantasy of Dragon Eggs.

I wonder what type of dragons will hatch from these beauties.

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kat said...

I love the shine you got on them, it really shows in the picture & adds to the effect.