Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Christmas in November #4--Candy Place Card

Top View
I have always said that decorating doesn't have to be that expensive or intrusive. Today's project is very simple--a candy place card/host(ess) gift.

Materials Needed
Baby food jar and lid
Decorative Paper (I used holiday scrapbook paper)
Decorative Ribbon (I used wire edged ribbon)
Card Stock in holiday colors (optional--I used red)
Candy in holiday colors (I used jelly beans)
Cellophane Tape

Sterilize the baby food jars. I bought these off of Craigslist from a mother who was saving them to make her own baby food. When that didn't happen, she was simply trying to give them away. I bought fifty jars/lids for $5.

Cut a strip of decorative paper that will surround the glass jar. Be sure to make the height of the strip a little bit shorter than the bend in the jar. Most of these jars have an area that tapers to the top and bottom of the jar. In order for the strip of paper to stay flat, cut the the paper to size.

Place the name of your guest on the strip of paper. I cut the name out of card stock but you can write the name with marker or use adhesive/sticker letters.

Wrap the strip of paper around the jar and secure with tape.

Fill the jar with candy.

Place the lid securely on the jar.

I cut out a circle to cover the jar lid but that is optional. I used the same decorative paper for the lid that I used for the strip around the jar.

Wrap a ribbon around the lid and tie with a bow.
Side View
I will use these as place settings for a friend's dinner party. Each guest will take this home as a hostess gift.

This idea is so easy I almost feel guilty listing this as one of my projects for the month.

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