Thursday, November 20, 2014

Christmas in November #20--Candy Cane Name Card Holder

I am always looking for great and innovative table settings or tablescapes and as you know, I love me some candy. This is an easy place card holder that is simple, fun an doubles as a hostess/host gift for each guest.

Materials Needed
Traditional Candy Canes (3 per card holder)
Ribbon (I used wire edged ribbon)
Card Stock
Die Cut Letters (or sticker letters)
Glue Stick
Cellophane Tape

Invert two candy canes (rounded tops to the bottom) and tape together at a 60 degree angle.

Invert the third candy cane and tape it to the other two at a 90 degree angle so that all three candy canes will balance on their own. Tape in the same place so that all tape overlaps.

Take a length of ribbon (I used 24" of 1 inch ribbon for the smaller version above; I used 36 " of 1.25 inch ribbon for the larger version below)

Tie a knot and a bow around the three candy canes in order to cover the cellophane tape.

Cut a small piece of card stock (I cut a rectangle and folded it in half along the long edge).

Adhere the letters (either die cut or stickers) to the card.

Place the name card between the tops of the joined candy canes. Usually two canes will naturally join together in front or back of the card and the third candy cane will appear on the opposite side of the card. In the example above, you see one candy cane in front and two in back. Below, you see the opposite version.

For the top example, I used Bob's candy canes in a box of 18. They are a very standard shape and although thinner are still easy to work with. As the holiday season continues make sure that the individual canes are not broken in the box.

For the second example, I used artisinal candy canes from Cracker Barrel. The packaging makes them a little more finicky to work with but they are a great visual on the table. Work slower and more deliberately when working with these candy canes because the labels tend to slow things down.

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