Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas in November #24--Glittered Cutouts

Since I had the glitter out for yesterday's glass/plastic ornaments, I decided to glitterate some cutouts. I had these cutouts from Michaels (the white ones below), I had some cutouts of my own (the black snowflakes below), some random chipboard letters and a thick felt mitten (also from Michaels).

Assemble the materials
Step One: Assemble the materials to be glitterated.

Step Two: Set up your glittering station. Once I open a jar/tube of glitter, I keep them in these shallow see-through containers. I always try to use containers a little larger than the element being glitterated. I also have a pair of long arm tweezers solely dedicated for glitter. After each use, I wipe them clean with an alcohol wipe.

Step Three: Apply a gluing agent. I find that spray adhesive works really well for me.

Step Four: Apply the glitter. I  take the glued item and put it face down into the glitter container. I then shake the container so that the glitter spreads all over the item.

Glitteration happening
Step Five: Remove glittered item with tweezers. Shake off excess glitter into the container.

Step Six: Place glittlified item on a piece of newsprint/wax paper (glitter side up) to dry.

I was a little surprised at how the felt accepted the glitter so well.

Drying Station

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