Monday, November 3, 2014

Christmas in November #3--Candy Jar #1

Front View
This is one of my favorite decorating ideas. I have an assortment of glass containers that I use to decorate during the holidays. One of my favorite ways to use these is to fill them up with holiday candies, tie a festive bow, and then decorating the lid.

Materials Needed
Glass container with lid
Decorative Paper (I used holiday scrapbook paper)
Decorative Ribbon (I used wire edged ribbon)

Simply fill the glass container with holidays candies. Cut a piece of scrapbook paper that covers the top of the lid. Glue the paper in place. Tie a ribbon around the edge of the lid to prevent people from opening the container.

I usually tape the lid to the jar so people don't open it. There are plenty of candy dishes from which to take candy. These are for decorative purposes only.

Side View

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