Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Christmas in November #12--3D Snowflake

I have always wanted to do this project but never had the time. I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to try. I used this video to learn how to make these 3D Snowflakes (clicking on the link will take you to a YouTube Video). There is also a great online tutorial here.

I am not quite happy with the way that it turned out but I will fine tune the dimensions and will report back.

Materials Needed
Scrapbook paper (I used one sided paper so that the white backing would show).
Cellophane Tape or Glue Dots
Ruler (optional)
String, Ribbon or Thread

I used 4 inch squares for my project. This still makes a large decoration. Smaller squares would be problematic. Larger squares would definitely be easier to assemble but results in a huge final product.

Cut and assemble as indicated in the video or tutorial.

I used holiday theme scrapbook paper which turned into a great final product.

The hardest part of this project is curling the first two innermost layers of the snowflake. I used double sided tape and glue dots. Although cellophane tape would probably be best, I didn't want the tape to show (although it would probably disappear).

Be sure to almost overlap the points when curling each layer. If you don't, your individual arms won't meet in the final assembly. You are supposed to join each touching arm of the snowflake but mine didn't line up so I just left them alone. My snowflake will eventually lose its shape once it hangs for any length of time.

I found it easier to curl the two innermost arms around a pencil to help shape them.

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