Sunday, October 6, 2013

31 Days of Halloween--Day 6

Today's project is one that I "borrowed" from Michael's Craft Center. As I was walking the aisle of the store, I came across these masks that were mounted to painter's sticks. I thought that it was a cute idea and thought that it would be a great craft project to do at a children's party. Spread out these masks and a box or two of crayons and then let the kids color like crazy. 

Frankie from
Michael's Craft Center
I thought that I could create something similar using materials from home. I searched online for "halloween coloring pages" and was directed to several different sites. I came across this image from

Original image from
While I liked the image, I didn't care for the pixelated nature of image so I used tracing paper to traced over the image. I then scanned the image so that copies could be printed. I printed the image on paper because the card stock that I was using wouldn't feed well through my printer.

New traced image
I then colored the image with crayons. Although, colored pencils or markers could be used. I used crayons to simulate the look that could be accomplished by the kids.

Frankie with color
Once the image was colored, I mounted the paper to card stock and cut around the image and cut out the eye holes. If you were doing this with children, I would suggest that you already have these cut out before coloring. Once the image has been cut, I used double stick tape to mount it to a plastic paint stick (which was what I had available). My local Home Depot will give you these stir sticks for free.

Frankie mounted
on a stick
This is a fun project and I was surprised at the therapeutic nature of coloring the image. The cutting was a little time consuming but I could have made it easier by just cutting a rounded border (similar to the original from Michael's). The total time spent on the process was 1 hour but that was due to tracing and scanning the original coloring book image. The longest time was spent cutting the image but that could be reduced as well.

Modeling my new mask.

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