Wednesday, October 23, 2013

31 Days of Halloween--Day 23

Today's post is sponsored by FOOD. Yesterday, I used waterslide decals for my Iron Craft Challenge and since the paper is a little expensive, I didn't want to waste any of the available space on the decal sheet. I knew that I wanted to do a children's dessert and the first thing that popped into my mind was--dirt pie. And, what goes along with dirt? Bugs.

I decided to do a cute bug and a gross bug. I adhered the decal to the bottom of the custard dishes so that it would be food safe.

Bugs under glass
I wanted one bug to be gross so I did this roach and it will be covered with orange Jello so that the bug appears through the dessert.
Roach anyone?
The earthworm will be covered with the dirt pie. I cheated and simply used my blender to chop up some Oreo cookies so that it assembles dirt. I then took Jello Pudding Snack cups and emptied the contents into the custard cups and covered with the Oreo mixture. If you want to make a real pudding or a real dirt pie, there are plenty of recipes online.
Look at this cute earthworm.
Dessert anyone?
Dirt Pie (upside down)
The second item today was found through my the reading of one of my favorite blogs:--Design Crush. Kelly did a weekly summary post here. This lead me to a post about shadow puppets here. And this lead me to the original shadow puppets designs here. I then downloaded the templates and miniaturized them so they could be used as cupcake toppers. This is a great way to personalize and spruce up store bought cupcakes.

Cupcakes anyone.
These are very easy to make. Simply reduce the patterns on any copier so that they are size appropriate for the cupcakes you are adorning. Make a pair of each one. I used double-sided tape to affix the cutouts to either side of a toothpick (although a skewer would be perfect for larger cupcakes). You can use glue as well as tape to affix the cutouts.I used tape because it was quicker and easier.

Skull Anyone?
A little Batty?
I wanted something fun for children and these made my day. Be care of the sharpened point if using a wooden skewer or a toothpick. A pair of kitchen shears would very easily dull either with a straight across cut. These could be used for a miniature puppet show or a miniature shadow puppet show as was explained in the original postings.

Finally, I wanted to do a dessert for the grown ups as well. I have been playing around with this idea for years and finally came up with a recipe that I felt comfortable. These are called Blood Spoons. They are made from plastic spoons that have been covered with white chocolate (that has been dyed with food coloring) and flavored with Grand Marnier. I am not a big fan of white chocolate so I have been developing other flavors. These spoons are designed to be used with your morning coffee. You stir your coffee with the spoon and the chocolate dissolves into the cofee to flavor it.

Blood Spoons

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