Sunday, October 20, 2013

31 Days of Halloween--Day 20

OK--so this is the last of the Halloween wreaths. This is another easy wreath but it is a little time consuming. First of all, I hate spiders. Even when they are plastic, they still gave me the willies. There are over 200 plastic spiders on this wreath and I probably could have put more but I was doing this while watching the Dodgers tanking game 6 of the playoffs.

The round sided wreath was purchased at Michaels for $3.99 (with a coupon). The ribbon was on sale for $1 per roll (2 rolls were used). The plastic spiders were purchased at Target for $4 (150 spiders per bag). This is a very simple project. Just wrap the ribbon around the wreath and secure with quilter's pins.

Start attaching the spiders with a hot glue gun. Keep on adding spiders until you are done. I didn't worry about the hot glue strands since they almost looked like spider webs.

Top View

Detail View

This took me about one hour to complete. I promise that this will be the last wreath of the series.

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