Thursday, October 17, 2013

31 Days of Halloween--Day 17

Today's project is another in the continuing Halloween wreath series. Here is another candy wreath but this one was based on a round Styrofoam wreath from Michaels. The wreath is decorated with orange organza wire-edged ribbon. The candies are snack sized Snickers and Butterfingers. The black Styrofoam balls are called "fillers" and are not to be eaten. There are also wintergreen life savers as well. All of the candies are attached using quilter's pins. 
Finished wreath

Candy detail
This project is a little more costly than some of the other projects that I have presented but it is still affordable. This wreath will go to the office where my colleagues will be able to take candy from the wreath as they desire. The total time involvement was 45 minutes.

This project can work for any season and I will recreate these wreaths for Christmas with holiday colored candies.

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