Wednesday, October 2, 2013

31 Days of Halloween--Day 2

Today's project is another easy and quick project. These are illuminated Chinese Take Out Containers that can be used for accent lighting in the home or luminarias for outside. These could also be used as night lights in bedrooms or bathrooms.

The containers are clear, plastic see-through Chinese Containers from the Container Store (these were on sale for 99 cents each). Each container is stuffed with a half sheet of white tissue paper that has been scrunched up and folded and placed in the containers. Simply make a fist on one hand, and place the tissue over your fist. Then take your fist and paper and place it (fist down) in the container and spread out your fingers to fill all sides of the container with the paper. Remove your hand--straight up. Place your light source in the bottom of the container. Fold the paper on each side down into the container until the paper is all contained. Fold down the four lids and secure the lids with the slotted flaps. Raise the wire handle.

Tissue in Place--
Ready for the light source
You really have two options for a light source. Here, I have used a battery operated tea light with a yellow, flickering flame.

Tea Light with
the lights on
The choice of the light source depends on the effect that you want to achieve and your budget. Of course, the battery operated tea lights cost a little more but they last longer, have replaceable batteries, and can be turned on and off.
Tea Light without
the lights on
The second choice of light source is a glow stick. The beauty of using a glow stick is that they come in numerous colors and are relatively inexpensive. These glow sticks were purchased at Target and were on sale for two sticks for $1.
Blue Glow Stick without
the lights on
Total time expended was four minutes. To use these outside, simply place aquarium gravel or sand in the bottom of the containers before adding the tissue paper. These also could be used in the backyard hanging from tree branches. If you use them on the trees, you can add weight (or not) by using sand or gravel in the bottom of the containers.

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