Saturday, October 5, 2013

31 Days of Halloween--Day 5

Today's project is another very easy project. You can make it even easier by using sticker letters or Halloween stickers. The container was purchased at The Container Store and was on sale for 89 cents each. These containers were designed for a friend's son's grade school class.

The beauty of these containers is that you can buy bulk candy and put them in the containers to save costs or you can make homemade items and put them in food bags before placing them in the containers. These would also make excellent hostess gifts if they were filled with bath salts or bath beads.

I have shown you two looks below. The first shows the peep through window through which the candy can be seen. The containers can be decorated or painted if you choose. I allowed the candy to be the color decoration of the box.

The Boo is a simple cut out using black paper. You can choose to use stickers or sticker letters if you don't trust your knife skills although this could be easily accomplished with scissors as well.

The second look is the back of the container and shows the same Boo that has been covered in orange glitter. This look can just as easily be accomplished using glitter paper or glitter card stock.

This project took a total of 30 minutes which was primarily used to cut out the words Boo and/or applying the glitter. There are any number of variations that can be used. Namely, the recipient's name can be written on the back side of the container (where there is no window) and you can allow the color of the candy to be the front side decoration.

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