Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 37

New Daisy Card Front
New Daisy Card Back
Last week, I shared a new Birthday Card that I had given my friend on her visit to New York City. That card is shown below. One of the problems that I had was that I had very little space to write on the back of the card due to the salutation.  

For this week, I changed the design of the daisy so it would have a solid center and therefore, I could use glue dots under the centers to provide dimension. The daisies for last week's card had to have solid border backgrounds cut out so that the glue dots could be used.

For this week's card, I also moved the salutation to the front of the card but mounted the same salutation on a border background so that it could be raised from the card and over the daisies. The new card has three layers--layer one is the red daisies mounted directly to the card stock; layer two is the lavender daisies that are mounted with small glue dots; and layer three is the salutation that is mounted with the largest/thickest glue dots so that it is raised higher than the lavender daisy cutouts.
Last Week's Daisy Card (Front)
Last Week's Daisy Card (Back)
I don't know which I like better. I might try one last variation where I use the new daisy but put it on a border background. I do know that next week's variation will involve glitter.

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