Friday, September 20, 2013

On My Bookshelf

There is so much to like about this week's book--Cut Up This Book by Emily Hogarth. The book is one of my favorite books dealing with papercutting projects. It is one of those books that just makes you happy by glancing through the pages.

The book is divided into four sections--An Introduction and History of Paper Cutting, Techniques, Projects and Templates. The templates are full sized so you are instructed to cut them out for your own projects (not that anyone could ever cut up this book). The techniques are thoroughly discussed and the projects are presented in a clear and well documented fashion. One of my favorite aspects of the projects is that all of them are rated from 1 (easiest) to 3 (most difficult). Most projects are rated 1 or 2 (there is only one project is rated with a 3).

This book is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in papercutting, paper crafts, or scrapbooking.

Sample Project--
Cut Paper Frame

Full Disclosure: Neither Amazon., the author, nor artists have provided any compensation for this review. This book was purchased online without a personal perusal before purchase.

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