Saturday, September 28, 2013

More Chinese Container Explaining

On Thursday, I discussed how I painted a flattened Chinese Takeout Food Container. I labeled each of the sides of the container in the image above for reference.  I also shared with you the cutout sides which correspond to the front and back sides labeled above.

A couple of people asked me if I could demonstrate what I meant by the other notations--notably, the weak side and the hidden lid.

The weak side refers to the hidden sides of the container that only peep out behind the folded sections of the food container. The hidden lids are the two pieces that fold under, and peep out from under the slotted lids. I have labeled the images below to correspond to the flattened image above.  The left view is the side of the box which shows the two folded flaps and the weak side of the container that is hidden below these flaps. The right image shows the top of the box in a closed position. This means the two hidden lids are folded first and then the slotted lids are folded over them and secured.

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