Thursday, September 26, 2013

Glitter and Chinese Containers

Yesterday, I shared with you the above image about the flattened out Chinese Take Out Container. I immediately knew that I wanted to use these containers for some upcoming Halloween projects. I also wanted to try out a new product--Krylon K03807 Glitter Blast--Orange Burst (glitter spray paint).

I wanted to experiment with the flat surfaces of the container to see how they could be embellished for future projects. The first idea was to cut out peep holes on the two remaining flat sides of the container. All of the other side surfaces are either folded or adhered to each other. So the only true surfaces that can be altered are the slotted lids and the front and back flat side.

I decided to mark a cut out for each of these two surfaces on the interior of the box.

Parts of the Chinese Container
Flattened box with cutouts
I also wanted to see how the Krylon Glitter Spray worked. Unfortunately, the can that I tested stayed in the open position and would not stop spraying. Because of the overspray and my inability to stop the spray, I had puddles of product all over the spray area. Because the product puddled on the container, I had to use a blotting mechanism to remove the product from the Chinese container and remove extra paint.

Mess all over the place--
bad can of glitter paint
I reassembled the Chinese container and it was just as easy to reassemble as it was to flatten it. I was worried that the paint would affect the score/fold lines but I had no problem getting the box back together or adding the handle.

Top view of the reassembled box
I plan something special for these peep holes in a future project. The structure of the box was not compromised due to the cut outs. I plan on adding vellum and a stencil cutout and fill the container with a tea light.
Side view of the peep hole
I like the glitter paint but would have appreciated it if the can operated appropriately.

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