Friday, September 13, 2013

On My Bookshelf

The week's book is one of my favorite books dealing with color theory and watercolor. I purchased the book thinking I was going to get lessons in making art journal pages. Most of the book deals with fabric painting but the lessons learned are applicable to making scrapbook/art journal pages. Dreaming from the Journal Page by Melanie Testa is divided into six sections: The What (Basic Materials), Color, Techniques, Drawing, Challenges, and Gallery.

The most helpful sections for me were Chapter Two (Color Theory) and Chapter Six (Gallery). There are a variety of different techniques discussed include color gradation, resists, image transfer, collage, stencils, and rubber stamps. Most of the techniques deal with watercolors (primarily) and fabric painting/dying.

Gallery Page

This book is very helpful for those people interested in creativity, watercolor(s), fabric painting, and art journaling. The illustrations are clear and decisive and are very easy to follow.

Full Disclosure: Neither Amazon., the author, nor artists have provided any compensation for this review. This book was purchased online without a personal perusal before purchase.

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