Monday, February 16, 2009

Working Journal

I mentioned my Traveling Journal in a previous post. My Working Journal is my second type of journal. Other people would call it an "Idea Book." This journal consists of clippings of other work that I like. For example, I subscribe to various paper and rubber stamping magazines. When I see a sample that catches my eye, I will photocopy the example and place it in this journal with a simple notation of what I liked about it. Other entries include techniques that I would like to try and products that I would like to consider.

Samples of work that I like.

Another section of the journal includes my ink samples. I have a sample of every stamp pad ink and re-inkers that I have. I used to have a bad habit of buying inks pads that I already had in the studio. Now, I do not buy any supplies without my Working Journal by my side. If I am out shopping and notice something that I might want, I will write a note in my TREO and will see if I already have it by looking in my Working Journal. I have also reduced my costs by shopping online for products that end up being considerably cheaper than NYC prices.

Ink samples.

A third section of my journal includes scanned copies of all of my brass stencils. I keep the actual stencils in a three ring binder with baseball card holder sheets. As I get new stencils, I will scan them and print out a copy to be included in the journal.

Scans of my brass stencils

Finally, the biggest saving grace of this journal is that I have an all inclusive list of all of my books and magazines. I have a compulsion when it comes to books about my paper interests. I find that I am rather impulsive when I am in a bookstore with a good craft section. At one point, I had already double bought five separate books and ended up having three copies of the same book! This journal prevents me from doing that again.

Whenever I am in an artistic funk, I simply pull out my Working Journal and always get inspired.


luluvision said...

first of all, where is there a good book store with a large craft book section? Please share! ;-)

I have a supplies journal where I have all my ink pads sampled, my acrylic paints, markers, yarn and other craft stuff. I have an inspirational journal of sorts, more like a binder but when it started getting overflowing, I stopped. Sometimes I wonder if I have information overload!

Dr. Russ said...

Believe it or not, the Borders at the Time Warner Building has a great craft section. The paper arts section is starting to dwindle but for fabric arts and knitting/crocheting they still have a great selection. It always annoys me to see all of those books because I don't do any fabric arts.

You should check it out if you make it this far into Manhattan. Also, has great craft books.

Finally, I say--keep those binders flowing and never stop. You would be surprised at ideas you had forgotten about.

fingerstothebone said...

Wow, you're really organized, or obsessed...

luluvision said...

ha! yeah, it's very rare I make it past union square! I'll remember about the Borders, I always get coupons for that store!