Saturday, February 28, 2009

Coptic Stitch Book

As promised, here are some photos of my weekend project. I decided to make a Coptic Stitch Book using some Japanese Paper Samples and Fabriano Drawing Paper. I have been making several Coptic Stitch Books because it is certainly a developed skill. You have to worry about thread tension, sewing patterns, etc.

For this book, I decided to line each signature with a decorative paper sample that would stretch across the spine of each signature. Because this type of book has an exposed spine, you would be able to see all of the papers next to each other. Similarly, the first and last page of each signature would show the paper. When you move from the end of one signature to the beginning of the next signature, you would see the decorative papers next to each other.

The other beauty of this type of binding is that it stays flat so it is a great type of book for artists. This book will be given away to someone who wanted a small sketch book that she could put in her purse.

The opened book.

The spine of the book showing the decorative papers.

The spines of two signatures.
A closeup of the spine of the book.

A closeup of the stitching.


fingerstothebone said...

Beautiful...lucky person who's getting this to 'PUT in her purse...'

Dr. Russ said...

Thanks--yes, you are right "put" in her purse.

Next time I should read the post before publishing--lol.

The Fruid said...

Wow, beautiful. I love it!