Sunday, February 8, 2009

In the Weeds

Ever since I have returned to NYC full time, I have been inundated with projects. I am struggling to get my Valentine's Day orders ready. I will post pictures when I get them all finished. I am also doing Valentine's Day cards for children this year (actually the third year). The problem is that I have to make two sets of different cards because the two children are in the same class. The first year that I made them everything was fine. Then the second year, the mother of one of the boys that had received a card from the first year wanted cards for her son as well. So now, I have competing mothers who are trying to outdo each other.

Mother One: This year, I want at least 3 colors.
Mother Two: This year, I want my cards to look better than Sylvia's (Mother One).
Mother One: I will pay you more but my cards MUST look better than Carolyn's (Mother Two).

I guess that I could have worse problems.

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fingerstothebone said...

I don't know, this sounds like a pretty bad problem...