Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Joy Postcard Final Step

So, the final step of the Joy Postcard is the Gocco printing of the word "Joy" on the opposite side of the postcard. This is the easiest step in that all it takes is printing the image. I am using an outline font to print out the word. I flash the screen and print. I used blue ink out of the tube and lightened it up with PearlEx powders hoping to add some iridescence but that didn't work.

Now the big question is "What does a dog in a tree have do with Joy?" Well, I have always marveled at the unbridled energy of animals--especially dogs. To see a dog run with joy, chasing squirrels, fetching a ball etc. always makes me smile and feel joy. Sometimes we should just take it easy and enJOY the world and/or simpler pleasures in life.

This is a picture of my boss' dog who died last year. Bella (the dog) was such a pleasure to be with and she would love to bark at the birds and/or squirrels in the tree. She was happiest in the country where she could run around being a dog.

This image still brings a sense of joy to my heart.

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fingerstothebone said...

The dog on the tree is a great image for 'joy!'