Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Joy Postcard Step Two

The second phase of this postcard is the photo transfer. I choose a photo and print it out on regular copier paper on my laser printer. I prefer a black and white photo but color photos work too. I prefer black and white because I usually place these transfers on a colored background. Let the ink set on the paper for a couple of minutes to set.

Once the ink is set, cut a piece of clear contact paper slightly larger than your image. Cut the image from your print out. Peel the backing off of the contact paper and place the image (image side down) on the sticky side of the contact paper. Cut the image and contact paper down to size. With a bone folder or brayer, rub down the image so all air bubbles or wrinkles are gone. You should now have a laminated image.

In a bowl (I use a Tupperware container) put some hot water. Place your laminated image in the water and let it sit for several minutes. The image will curl in the water so don't fret. When the image is cool enough to handle (or wait until you have time), start to rub off the paper backing of your laminated image. Don't rub too hard or you will scratch the image. I use the meaty part of my thumb rather than a fingernail. Keep rubbing until all of the paper have been removed.

Once you have removed the paper run the transfer under warm water to remove any stubborn paper or gumminess remaining. You are now ready to adhere the transferred image to a project.

I place a thin layer of ModgePodge to the project (rather than to the transfer) and lay the transfer over the ModgePodge. Use a bone folder to press out all of the bubble and glue out from under the image. Do not get heavy handed with the ModgePodge because you don't want glue spot under your image. Just use a very light coat and it will dry clear under the image.

Here is the image that I used on one of the cards from the series of watercolor images that I showed you yesterday.

Photo transfer over watercolor background

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