Saturday, February 21, 2009

Love Postcard

Front of postcard

Back of Postcard

So here is my final design for the Love Postcard. I decided to go with a Love Quote and some of the hearts that I had left over from my Valentine's Day projects.

I had a hard time deciding how to finish the card. After the color wash was dry, I had to decide how to print the quote on the postcard. I tried to use my laser printer but the watercolor paper was too thick. I then had two choices--do a transparency overlay or print on my InkJet printer. I decided to use my InkJet but how should I go about it? I know that I wanted to use ModgePodge on the postcard as a high gloss medium. If I printed before using the ModgePodge, I was pretty sure that the ink would smear. And of course, it did.

On another card, I printed on the postcard, sprayed with varnish, and then applied a coat of ModgePodge. This seemed to work fine although my studio still smells of varnish and I am starting to get high off of the fumes.

On a third card, I applied the ModgePodge and let it dry. Then, I sent it through the InkJet printer and it worked fine. There wasn't any smudging as long as I printed on the "coated paper" setting.

After the inks and/or ModgePodge dried, I applied the die cut hearts to the front of the card and placed it under weight to dry.

The back of the card is printed with the word "Love" in large 3" letters in pastel pink Gocco Ink. I will then address the card and write my message on this side of the postcard.

As a whole, I am pretty pleased with the outcome. Unfortunately, there are only 12 postcards per batch.

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