Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Travel Journal

I wanted to share with you some of the inspirations that I get regarding projects. I have to commute into Manhattan daily for work. I live in the Bronx near the Yankee Stadiums. If I have to go into midtown, it takes about twenty minutes on an express train or 30 minutes on a local train. When I have to travel longer distances, I can commute for 45 minutes to one hour. Because of all of this transit time, I usually carry my Travel Journal (or more importantly—my Idea Book).

I have several journals lying about because I usually keep the first mock up of any book project that I do. The first copy usually is an imperfect that I do not feel comfortable selling or giving away. Sometimes there are only minor flaws that only I would notice. Sometimes there are major flaws that only a Father would love. My good friends know where I keep these books on my shelves and will help themselves to a journal if they like it (usually just the minor flawed ones). Sometimes I think they only come for dinner is when they want a free journal and a free meal.

I have three idea books. The first is my traveling book. The second is my working copy book. The third is my recipe book. I will be writing about the second and third books in a later blog.

My traveling book is a general journal that I jot down ideas while I am commuting. I write about anything that I want during that time. Sometimes I write down ideas for my comedy routines. Sometimes, I doodle. Other times, I design greeting cards and decorative boxes. I always carry a stash of pens and colored pencils in Ziploc bags when I travel with this journal.

Today’s idea was a desk set made out of Davey Board and covered in faux leather paper. The set will consist of two cylinders and a lidded box. The first cylinder would be 6 inches in height. The second cylinder will be 4 inches in height and will be joined by a common wall. In front of the two cylinders will be a lidded box for paper clips that will be as wide as the two joined cylinders. It will be joined to the fronts of the joined cylinders.

As you can see by my sketches, I am not a drawing or sketch artist. Fortunately for me, I completely understand the sketch. You will also notice that I love the exactitude needed for decorative boxes. I love how they have to be cut in such a way that the angles need to be precise. A wonky box is not a good thing unless you design it that way—more on that in the future.

So this is my weekend project. I will be providing pictures of the project in progress—If I can only remember to take the blasted pictures.

Have a great 2009.

Best wishes—russ


fingerstothebone said...

Yes, remembering to stop what you're doing and take pictures, I have trouble with that too. I look forward to seeing yours!

Jodi Renshaw said...

Damn I wish I was as committed to journalling as you. (Is "journalling" a word???)